It was May 2014 and our guests showed us that we were right. We learned from every one of them, and reached the end of the year with a score of 9.8 on Booking.com.

We felt heartened. In the winter of 2015 TEIMA experienced a peaceful revolution. We grew from two to six rooms and built a dining room and a sitting room. Plus a lap pool that has already been used by high-performance athletes. In 2018 we transformed our house in two suites and one room, adding up to 9 units.

Any more building work might have spoiled the magic. And giving more guests the personalised treatment that characterised us from day one would have proved impossible. TEIMA's power seems to rule supreme, although our pure cotton sheets on top-quality mattresses, the meticulous individual décor of each room, the five-star breakfast and the friendliness of our staff may also have had something to do with it.

The fact is that TEIMA still remains to this day with an excellent score on Booking.com.


SW Alentejo

The privilege of an exceptional location